Fat Loss Plan I Am Using

I just started using the Kinobody program, it has been working pretty well so far.

Summary of the Plan

To calculate calories multiply 11 x the weight you want to get to. For example 200 x 11 = 2200 which includes 2 meals and fruit snacks to make up all the calories.


Drink coffee in the morning to curb appetite (2-4 cups)

Eat an apple if you are still hungry before or after meals to bridge between meals

First Meal

This meal should equal 7 calories per pound of goal bodyweight

Generally between 1000-1400 calories (My goal weight is 200 lbs so this meal would be 1400 calories)

This meal is compromised of lean meat, potatoes or sweet potatoes, butter/oil for cooking plus veggies (no need to count calories for veggies)

Eat first meal 5-8 hours after waking, 6-7 hours is the sweet spot

Wait atleast 4-5 hours before eating

Second Meal

This meal should be 3 calories per pound of goal bodyweight (typically 400-600 calories)

Example of this 500g of Cottage Cheese or 2% Greek Yogurt

Eat after 4-6 hours after first meal

Strategic Fruit Snacks

First snack 4-5 hours after waking which is 1-3 hours before your first meal

One serving of fruit 1-2 hours before the small meal

One serving of fruit 1-2 hours before bed




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